Monday, February 15, 2010

happy birthday dear presidents

So who's ready for spring? Come ON winter, no need to hurry, just go ahead and take your own time going as slow as slow as possible. I mean it's not like we hate you or anything....So I was thinking maybe winter needs a little spring staple boost to help it move along. What's that you ask? Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Whoever said stripes make you look fat, well I'm guessing they were fat and hated everyone who can wear them. God, some people just have to make everyone pay for their flaws...
Well, here's some adorable striped wear that I definitely am buying (in a perfect world where I actually have money and can pay for things). Hopefully some of you guys can treat yourself!
Some good springy music on my playlist this season? Halloween, Alaska. When (and if) you go on itunes for some sampling I suggest Hot Pink, Des Moines, and/or All the Arms Around You. Bobbie Gale explains it best saying, "When singer James Diers gently croons, "I say we burn down the Hollywood Sign and tear apart the judges with our bare hands," it's not a battle cry, but rather an affirmation, a call to embrace the radical notion of simply being who you are. " Enjoy.

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