Saturday, February 6, 2010


Today's big topic? Oxfords. So, according to the fashion gods (or should I say goddesses?) oxfords are the new shoe. I can't really decide if I like them or not? I mean, I'd probably wear them just because they remind me of my beloved keds :) (Yes, I just got my first pair of keds this Christmas and I LOVE them!) So I posted a pair that maybe I would wear...yes, I know, I know, they're gold, but if you're gonna wear them, you might as well go big. They're by Sam Edelman for $129...a bit pricey, don't you think?
Oh, PS if you're gonna wear these, you have to at least once listen to Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend. Ok, call me cheesy, but I was thinking about how Vampire Weekend, a band of pot-smoking prepsters, fits these shoes perfectly, and then Oxford Comma immediately came to mind. So, whether you're wearing them to dinner or the grocery store, make sure you download this song and hit play on your ipod before going out, please?

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