Thursday, March 11, 2010

90s, 90s go away, don't come back another day...

As I'm sure many of you have heard, the new shoe (unfortunately) making a comeback is the clog. Also, as I'm sure many of you could guess, I could not think of a worse shoe to bring back. Actually, I take that back, doc martens made a short-lived comeback; that's about as 90s as it gets...blechh. So anyways, clogs are making their way into this season with a modern twist. According to some, they're coming back in bright highlighter colors and to others, with a sky high heel, as you can see from the pictures I posted. The green ones are pretty rough, and while the 6 inch high ones aren't too bad, they're Chanel. That would be code for, "Price? $5000." Oh, silly me, they're only $1295! Lovely. Either way, I can tell you I won't be stepping into clog territory, but hey why listen to me? I'm only an insignificant fashion critic who takes time out of her day to personally give you fashion's your choice people...but please, please promise me you'll make the right one?

Spaceship by The Vines. Just download it, ok? Yes, it may have an "ugh, that's what my parents used to listen to" vibe (trust me, I feel the same way) but it's one of those songs where you'll still be able to listen to all 6 minutes of it 3 years from now. If you don't like it, that really sucks for you because you obviously have terrible taste in music. Oh, I'm kidding.....but should learn to like it. Until next time, I'm outta here little monsters! Woah, Lady Gaga?? Where?!

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