Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just thought I'd let you know, I'm currently blogging poolside while listening to life sucks. A lot. Jealous? Yup, thought so :) Well, whether you're stuck at home being miserable or possibly on vacation like me, I guess I'll entertain you with an update. One hot trend that's carried over from last summer is the romper (hence my incredibly cheesy title). Yes, I kinda feel like a baby wearing one, but hey, I think if you find one that looks really good on then you can pull it off. So I've posted one by Free People that I'd wear, although saving it for summer is probably the best idea because it's more beachy than anything. Tell me what you think by participating in the romper poll!! (Kind of nerdy, I know, but not gonna lie, I'm ridiculously excited for the results...all 9 of you...) So, for those of you not as fortunate as me at the moment (aka you're not laying out in 75 degree weather) I apologize, but just think, the grass is greener where it rains. How depressing haha

So I'm pretty excited about this song I found. It's called Symphonies by Dan Black, and it's sort of a punk goes crunk deal. Basically, it's an alternative-y song (no surprise there) but it's to the background of Umbrella. Yes, as in ella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay; as in Rihanna style. Pretty cool, yes? Give it a listen, I can guarantee you'll like it.
See ya kids.

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