Friday, March 19, 2010


As many of us are very much aware, the economy has everyone's wallets thinning out, and unfortunately, we're not left with too much for the things that matter included. So whether your budget's running a little low, or you simply don't have enough time to shop, I've decided to give you a small list of items from last year that you can definitely carry over to 2010.

The ever-so-popular gladiator sandal is STILL in! While some have gotten a little exaggerated on this trend, there are so many options out there that are adorable and so versatile. The gladiators at the top are from Nicole Richie's new line House of Harlow and are a bit expensive. That's why I looked for a similar pair that's much less, and I hope you approve! These are made by Old Navy, and while they're not exactly the same, I'd say there pretty dang close!

High-waisted skirts have been the latest craze and with good reason. These days, you can pretty much find them anywhere at any store. So I thought I'd post one that's pretty classic, and you could dress it up or down, depending on where you're headed. The top skirt is by Aqua at $78...not terrible, but the one directly below it is by Forever 21, and very affordable.

Lastly, a trend that was little known last year is the boyfriend jean, and it's come back this season stronger than ever. They're great because they have the same "cool factor" that skinny jeans have minus the skin tight uncomfortableness. The top pair are Sevens; they're really cute, but really expensive. The bottom ones are from Aqua, and are really well priced if you ask me ($88), especially considering (in my opinion) they're cuter than the Sevens...

Feel.Love.Thinking of. by Faunts. I am loving this song with its 80s pop vibe. I know I say this about pretty much everything, but I bet you anything you'll like it, so go download, ok? Thanks :)

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