Sunday, March 28, 2010

These boots were made for....walking?

Who's bored?? I am! So in case you're in the same bored rut that I am, I hope these very odd shoes entertain you for at least 30 seconds! My personal favorite is the second to last green "pair" (I put quotes because I don't see how they can pass for shoes). I'd get them mixed up for some kind of modern art piece. See, this is why runway fashion always pisses me off. Who would ever wear that kinda stuff? Are they even wearable?? Well, I probably shouldn't get into it...meanwhile I'm just fuming over here...

I'm really into the poll thing, so I made a new one!! Go check it out to your right! Please, please, please vote! Let's try and get more than 6 this time? Thanks :)

(All pictures via TeenVogue)

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