Friday, March 5, 2010

Long time no blog...

Well kids, it's finally here. Whether you're stuck at home wallowing over what seems to be the endless snowstorm or getting ready to tan for the first time this year, spring is around the corner, and I can feel it! In honor of this joyous time, I've posted what I think would be the perfect travel outfit for Spring Break, and yes, I will be taking my own suggestions in my travels :) (It's a secret destination...but I'm guessing most of you already know it...) The reason the outfit's so perfect is because you can wear it anywhere just by slightly altering it according to your final destination, unless of course you're headed to Alaska; In that case, have fun packing for that, you're on your own! If you're headed for warmer places, (otherwise known as not being 60 degrees one day and snowing the next. Really global warming??) then feel free to grab a light jacket for the plane, and don't forget sunglasses! If you're not so lucky and have to suffer through a shivering cold week, put on a winter coat and maybe some boots. The main idea is to keep it simple. When traveling, you always want to be comfortable in case your stuck in the middle seat with the way-too-talkative-to-not-be-creepy man on one side, and the sound sleeper who wont wake up to let you go to the bathroom on the other side. At that point, the last thing you want is some tight, itchy sweater clinging to your body. Oh, and just because you want to be comfortable, doesn't mean you should slack off and wear sweatpants looking like you just rolled out of bed! Please people, let's keep it classy? You never know who you'll run into...So safe travels and happy Spring! See you on the other side :)

(pictures from top to bottom)

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