Sunday, April 11, 2010


Just in case you couldn’t tell, Spring has arrived after my many, many false proclamations (or whatever you want to call them). Nothing like some 85 degree tanning weather to shake the winter blues! That was really cheesy…So I figured I’d do another obsessions post considering I haven’t done one in forever, and I know you all are DYING to know what I’m obsessing over these days :)

In the fashion department, I found this dress from Bloomingdales, and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a dress more! Unfortunately, it’s made by Nanette Lepore and it costs $298, but hey, a girl can dream can’t she? I say just ignore the accessories that the model is wearing; the dress alone is enough to impress. I would probably put it with just some navy or black pumps and a decorative cocktail ring to dress it up and maybe some silver strappy sandals to dress it down. Either way, I can guarantee you’ll be the most envied, best dressed, and most complimented fashionista wherever you go.

As for music, I have two songs for you that I can’t stop replaying. First, we have You Kill Me by Paper Route, a band I’ve already suggested, but I very recently found this song and was in love within the first minute, so I couldn’t help but put it on my obsessions post. The second song was a surprise discovery for me considering I’ve been listening to this band for about four or five years, and I’ve not stumbled upon it until now! It’s called There’s Never Enough Time by The Postal Service. I would definitely suggest downloading both of these, and I don’t want to hear any “your music is depressing and emo so why would I download it” excuses because these songs are amazing and you’ll know it once you hear them. So get off your butt, go to computer, download them, and do something in the spirit of spring. Enjoy!

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