Sunday, October 17, 2010

Army Strong

When I first heard about the new up and coming military trend this fall, my mind immediately flooded with memories of various camo-printed articles of clothing I have owned throughout my childhood. Black and gray camo miniskirt, green and barf green camo tank top, pink and red camo belt...I was instantly turned off and left with the similar feeling I get when hearing some infamous 90s trend is back to haunt me (i.e. joutfits (jean outfits), doc martens, clogs, acid wash jeans).
Well, I'll have you know, this season's military trend is quite different (and very non-90s...thank god). It has more of a chic/sexy feel than a strict/boring one. The whole thing is based around a green-ish palette and ventures only to nude or close-to-black colors.
There's 3 ways to wear it:
1) classic
2) feminine
3) tough
Classic has a sophisticated feel to it: Very tailored, menswear inspired, and oversized.
Feminine is what it sounds like...girly: skinny cargo pants, frilly green tops, and skinny brown belts.
Tough is chunky and rough: leather, metal, and cropped jackets.
Needless to say, the military trend has grown on me.

Go look up the band Vera; specifically the song Sound. They've got an amateur Coldplay feel to them, and although they sound a little alternative-pop cliche-ish, they're not because there about as unknown and hidden as it gets, and not to mention, they're awesome. So go listen to them and love them.

Goodnight kids...

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