Thursday, September 29, 2011

Join the Vestivities

Unfortunately, I have yet to shop for fall clothes, so I'm still not as inspired for trends as I'd like to be (I know, so heartbreaking). But, one trend I do know of that is shockingly growing on me is fur vests. I feel like the fashion gods have been trying to make fur vests happen for multiple seasons now, and it's finally made the transition from being overly gaudy/tacky to a chic accessory. Call me crazy, but I think they could work if worn in moderation (i.e. if you decide to wear your fur vest with those overly furry boots you just got, don't pride yourself in being fashionable. Sorry.) But, let's say you wear that vest with leggings and a plain long-sleeve tee/blouse; that's how it could be done--just avoid "over-glamming" it. Still, be warned: don't expect this trend to be a classic, meaning don't buy a $400 vest made of real fur because I'm placing my bets on this being a one-time trend. But that's your call...

Happy (almost) Fall!

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