Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall, fall, fall away

So, here it is, again. Fall is back. I feel like fall sets the tone for the entire fashion year, you know? It's like, whatever trends of summer that are left get dried up and fall away with the leaves of fall. Oh boy, how metaphorical am I ?! But really, in terms of fashion, I absolutely love fall because everything gets mixed up and traded out. Oddly, I'm still trying to get a feel for what this season's trends are, specifically with regards to the themes of fall trends. I'm getting the sense that it's going to be a very structured and classic season, but honestly, I'm not quite sure...which is seriously worrying me...

Fortunately, I definitely have a feel for what the new main items are, and thank God or else I might have had to consider myself struck with a bad case of *gasp* fashionista's block! (cue scary music). But you can stop holding your breath now, because I'm here to tell you that white jeans are being traded out for burgundy skinnies, boots are making a bigger comeback than ever, and maxi skirts have made the official summer-to-fall transitional cut!

Ok, so blah blah blah, red jeans are in (yup, I'll probably be purchasing a pair) and my boot inventory is certainly going to need some improvement. But what I REALLY want to talk about is the fact that maxi skirts can be carried over to fall (woohoo!). I mean, finally the fashion powers that be decided to be reasonable for once and bring maxi skirts, aka (wearable) from-the-waist-down snuggies, into a season that needs the warmth! Quite smart indeed...

So now, go to Google, search "Naked and Famous," and see what you get. Totally kidding, you'll probably get a picture of Kim Kardashian if you do that...Instead, please DO go to iTunes and check out the band Naked and Famous. They kind of resemble Passion Pit, minus the whole annoying mainstream factor (no, I'm not trying to be a hipster. Don't even get me started on my anti-hipster rant). Anyways, check out this sample because they're pretty cool.

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