Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy January

If you're like me and you hate the absolute existence of the last two months of winter, then you suddenly set into a deep depression the morning after new year's eve like I have. But have no fear, Meg's here! Despite the lack of fashion inspiration that I usually feel this time of year, I've decided to try and mix up my winter clothes to make them feel a bit less frumpy and a lot more fresh because, frankly, I'm sick of ruining my outfit by bundling up! Granted, I don't exactly live in the coldest city in the world, but hey, it's cold enough for me!

So to jumpstart my motivation, I started small with pants--simple enough. My newest obsession with jeans is color, and the key to buying things now is making sure you can wear them into spring, so I posted a pair of aqua-colored jeans which can easily be worn in both seasons using the color-blocking trend.
I must admit that while my first love is skinny jeans, I do hold a special place in my heart for high-waisted skirts--an all year round kind of thing. I have this amazing vision in my head of buying flowy ballerina skirts (like the one I posted) in all different colors to wear with anything and everything. I would suggest, however, buying these cheap because honestly who's gonna know if you're wearing a $495 Rachel Zoe skirt versus a $25 Forever 21 one? Although I do love me some Rachel Zoe...To winterize the skirt, put it with a plain long-sleeve shirt, an infinity scarf, and motorcycle or wedge boots (with tights, of course).
Lastly, I'm on a shorts kick these days, and I love love love that I can wear shorts right now with tights. Obviously you can wear shorts in spring so no need to defend that one, but I love the idea of pairing the black Free People leather shorts I posted with black tights, platform velvet-y sandals, and a cable knit sweater with an oxford underneath.

Ooops, I lied. Here's the for real lastly--a wonderful song with a clever video.

Love you all, happy January!


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