Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Break Essentials

Kate Spade
Juicy Couture

Rachel Zoe
Jennifer Hope


Juicy Couture

It's the (second) most wonderful time of the year! Behind Christmas, spring break is my second most favorite time of year, not only fashion-wise, but life-wise as well. It's such a refreshing time when you start looking at how you want to finish the school year and begin looking towards the summer. So, to kick off your spring the right way, it is essential to pack the perfect outfits to ensure you have the most stylish spring break yet. Plus, you'll look that much better in pictures, and who doesn't want that?! If you're like me and you have a really difficult time packing, I've discovered it's much easier to pick a few main pieces and then build your outfits around them, which is exactly what I've done here. On the plus side, if you work each piece into multiple outfits, it can give you a lot more space in your suitcase. Aside from saving time and space, the best part about this is it allows you to work spring's new trends into each outfit without going over the top or having to try very hard. In just these nine pieces, you've got neon, ruffles, black and white, statement sunglasses, and stand-out-stripes. Now, all that's left to do is throw in some basics to make a full outfit and you'll be ready to go. Not too shabby, eh? Happy spring break!


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