Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Italy, Montenegro & Croatia

After a long but amazing 17 days traveling throughout Italy and the Dalmatian Coast, I'm finally back in the good old USA. It was a while to be gone, but I could have without a doubt stayed another few weeks!

I had a bit of a hard time packing before I left, so I thought I'd share my top 5 tips in case you're traveling abroad any time soon:

1. Comfortable shoes go a long way (literally). 

2. Pack as many dresses as possible. It was crazy hot and a dress is the perfect way to stay cool without looking like a total tourist.

3. Bring a large, versatile bag to carry around during the day. I brought this one, and it definitely came in handy when touring to throw anything and everything in. 

4. Don't waste space on heels. I suggest 1-2 pairs if you have to, but speaking from experience, cobblestone streets + 4-inch heels = disaster!   

5. Bring some "fat" clothes for the end of your trip. You're in Europe…it's ok to enjoy the food and gain a few pounds! 

So, here's my (not-so-little) photo diary to sum up the trip. Hope you enjoy!

I fell in love with Capri. We took a private boat ride around the island from one of the locals (sounds like a scam, but I promise, it wasn't!), and it was definitely worth it. 

Afternoon drinks…my favorite time of day!

Exploring Taormina, the most picturesque little town in Messina, Sicily

Dubrovnik, Croatia
For any of you Game of Thrones fans, a lot of the scenes are shot in this beautiful town!

The cutest little market in Rovinj, Croatia, where I tasted every kind of truffle possible! So delicious...

Time to go back already, don't you think?




  1. Great photos! Looks like such a fun trip!


  2. What an amazing trip! Great photos.


  3. These pictures are giving me such a case of wanderlust! The trip looked great, and I loved all of your looks, especially the one you wore in Capri!
    xo Kat

  4. Take me backkkkk, afternoon happy hours are so much harder to justify in the US.

  5. Your pictures as well as yourself look stunning!!!

    XO Color Me Courtney